Item # Description Ext. Desc Quantity Location
33 Sod Bermuda Tifton 419 Piece 2.5 SQ FT (16" x 24") 330 Sod
66 Sod Centipede Piece 2.5 SQ FT 160 Sod
88 Sod St. Augustine Piece 2.5 SQ FT SHADE TOLERANCE 140 Sod
55 Sod Zoysia Emerald Piece 2.5 SQ FT MORE SHADE TOLERANT 678 Sod
441 Sod Zoysia Z-52 Pallet ~160 PIECS/450 SQ FT WIDER BLADE Check
44 Sod Zoysia Z-52 Piece 2.5 SQ FT WIDER BLADE 161 Sod
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