Item # Description Ext. Desc Quantity Location
59825 Palm Dwarf Palmetto 3g SABAL MINOR 2
6620 Palm European Fan 15g COLD TOLERANT TO 15F 1
5627 Palm Louisiana Palmetto 7g COLD TOLERANT TO 10F 2
3831 Palm Needle 3g 10PALM N 7
6621 Palm Pindo 15g COLD TOLERANT TO 20F 6 Palms
73641 Palm Pindo 7g pindo palm 7
3839 Palm Sago 15g COLD TOLERANT TO 10F 6
3070 Palm Sago 30g COLD TOLERANT TO 10F 1
2391 Palm Sago 3g COLD TOLERANT TO 10F 6
5633 Palm Sago 7g COLD TOLERANT TO 10F 3
2737 Palm Windmill 15g COLD TOLERANT TO 0F 1
8023 Palm Windmill 30g ABOUT 3 1/2' OVERALL HEIGHT 3
78009 Palm Windmill 3g COLD TOLERANT TO 0F 9
1831 Palm Windmill 7g COLD TOLERANT TO 0F 4
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