Ornamental Grasses

Item # Description Ext. Desc Quantity Location
5816 Acorus 4" SWEET FLAG 15
63243 Bamboo Chinese Goddess 3g DWARF CLUMPING 3
5244 Grass Adagio Maiden 1g MISCANTHUS SINENSIS 11
10135 Grass Adagio Maiden 3g MISCANTHUS SINENSIS 6
5286 Grass Cosmopolitan Maiden 3g MISCANTHUS SINENSIS 1
4365 Grass Cosmopolitan Maiden 7g MISCANTHUS SINENSIS 1
90703 Grass Dallas Blues Switch 3g 10
4002 Grass Feather Mexican 1g NASSELLA TENUISSIMA 3
10200 Grass Feather Reed Karl Foerster 1g CALAMAGROSTIS ACUTIFLORA 2
8721 Grass Hamelin Dwarf Fountain 1g PENNISETUM ALOPECUROIDES 16
6709 Grass Hamelin Dwarf Fountain 3g PENNISETUM ALOPECUROIDES 13
78814 Grass Little Bluestem 1g LOW GROWING FULL SUN 3
4311 Grass Little Bunny Dwarf Fountain 1g PENNISETUM ALOPECUROIDES 1
78351 Grass Little Kitten Maiden 1g MISCANTHUS SINENSIS 15
4357 Grass Little Kitten Maiden 3g MISCANTHUS SINENSIS 3
447903 Grass Maiden Silver 3g MISCANTHUS SINENSIS 1
1791 Grass Morning Light Maiden 1g MISCANTHUS SINENSIS 3
1792 Grass Morning Light Maiden 3g MISCANTHUS SINENSIS 6
8558 Grass Muhly Pink 1g MUHLENBERGIA CAPILLARIS 20
8734 Grass Muhly Pink 3g MUHLENBERGIA CAPILLARIS 39
5775 Grass Muhly White Cloud 3g MUHLENBERGIA CAPPILARIS 11
62048 Grass Pampas Dwarf Jet Streams 5g CORTADERIA SELLOANA PUMILA 7
39606 Grass Peppermint Stick 3g ARUNDO DONAX 6
8755 Grass Shenandoah Switch 3g PANICUM VIRGATUM 4
10063 Grass Variegated Maiden 3g MISCANTHUS SINENSIS 8
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