Item # Description Ext. Desc Quantity Location
8415 Citrus Grapefruit 3g REQUIRE 3 YEARS TO PRODUCE FRUIT 5
5685 Citrus Grapefruit Ruby Red 5g FRUIT READY MID TO LATE OCTOBER 3
7561 Citrus Kumquat Sweet 5g HARVEST NOV THRU APRIL 1
4186 Citrus Kumquat Tart 5g HARVEST NOV THRU APRIL 1
5604 Citrus Lemon Meyer Improved 5g Pr TREE-FORM, PREMIUM 13
3583 Citrus Lemon Meyer Variegated 3g VARIEGATED/BUSH 3
8460 Citrus Lemon Ponderosa 5g TREE-FORM 1
6659 Citrus Lime Key 5g TREE-FORM 5
8774 Citrus Mandarin Clementine 5g RIPENS NOV TO JAN 1
2683 Citrus Orange Calamondin 5g CALAMONDIN ORANGE 1
5689 Citrus Orange Louisiana Sweet 5g RIPENS IN DECEMBER 2
74396 Citrus Orange Red Navel 5g RIPENS LATE NOVEMBER 1
3307 Citrus Orange Washington Navel 5g RIPENS LATE NOVEMBER 5
3094 Citrus Satsuma Arctic Frost 5g COLD TOLERANT SATSUMA ORANGE 1
83736 Citrus Satsuma Brown Select 5g RIPENS EARLY NOVEMBER 1
39108 Citrus Satsuma Frost Owari 5g RIPENS OCT TO DEC 1
1890 Citrus Tangerine 5g RIPENS EARLY FALL 4
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