Knockout Roses

Item # Description Ext. Desc Quantity Location
4057 Rose Drift Apricot 1g LOW GROWING, APRICOT PINK/ORANGE 6
5739 Rose Drift Apricot 3g LOW GROWING, APRICOT PINK/ORANGE 12
8623 Rose Drift Coral 1g LOW GROWING, CORAL PINK 12
8272 Rose Drift Coral 3g LOW GROWING, CORAL PINK 11
4658 Rose Drift Peach 3g LOW GROWING, SOFT PINK/YELLOW 10
8625 Rose Drift Pink 1g LOW GROWING, DEEP PINK 12
7819 Rose Drift Pink 3g LOW GROWING, DEEP PINK 8
4700 Rose Drift Red 1g LOW GROWING, RED, SMALL FLOWERS 3
1273 Rose Drift Red 3g LOW GROWING, RED, SMALL FLOWERS 15
3104 Rose Drift Sweet 1g LOW GROWING, CLEAR PINK 13
37019 Rose Drift Sweet 3g LOW GROWING, CLEAR PINK 14
44525 Rose Drift White 1g LOW GROWING, WHITE 14
4518 Rose Drift White 3g LOW GROWING, WHITE 23
75930 Rose Knock Out Blushing 3g BLUSH PINK 1
27489 Rose Knock Out Dbl Pink 1g DOUBLE PINK 20
27465 Rose Knock Out Dbl Pink 3g DOUBLE PINK 21
4355 Rose Knock Out Dbl Red 24" Pt DOUBLE RED, TREE-FORM 1
8982 Rose Knock Out Dbl Red 3g DOUBLE RED 11
1457 Rose Knock Out Pink 3g SINGLE PINK 11 Location
2064 Rose Knock Out Rainbow 3g PINK/YELLOW/ORANGE 7
60257 Rose Knock Out Sunny 3g YELLOW KNOCK OUT 15
77302 Rose Sunrosa Yellow 1g DOUBLE YELLOW/LOW GROWING 3
7095 Rose White Out 3g WHITE KNOCK OUT ROSE 35
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